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Manresa School Hosts Seminar on School Transport Services

By Ms. Loi Mandario

The Batch 13 REFRESHER COURSE for DRIVERS of SCHOOL TRANSPORT SERVICES was held in Manresa School gymnasium and auditorium last August 15-16, 2015. The Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (DOTC-LTFRB-NCR) headed by Mr. Rodolfo Jaucian, Regional Director of LTFRB-NCR in cooperation with PATRANS FEDERATION Incorporated with their president, Mr. Jerome de Asis and Mr. William Abadilla of Manresa School organized the two day seminar. Manresa School bus operators, Mr. Noel Velasco and Mr. Bong Teodoro also facilitated the needs of the participants, guests and resource speakers...

St. Candida Feast Day in Naic

By Ms. Loi Mandario

The much awaited Feast Day celebrations in Naic were held on August 15 for the adult BEC group and on August 16 for the kids and youth. The adult BEC groups from phase 1 to 5 organized a potluck for the Feast Day celebration held in the afternoon of August 15 at the Hijas de Jesus Apostolate Center in phase 2. Sr. Pacita and the outreach team showed a video about the Life of Mo. Foundress. The BEC members eagerly watched the video and took important notes about the life of St. Candida. After the discussion and review, an enjoyable QUIZ BEE was given to them and the winners received prizes. The celebration ended with the salo-salo...

MS Administrators Meeting with the New RCA

By Ms. Loi Mandario

An overnight session for the administrators was held in Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality, Tagaytay last August 7-8, 2015. The morning sessions on August 8 were focused on the improvement of the Supervisory Program of the school. The in-house committee of the elementary department presented to the group the modified Supervisory Program of the department. There was an enriching exchange of views and opinions while comments and suggestions were taken to improve further not just the elementary supervisory program but also the programs of the other departments. Ms. Gomez also shared to the group the Basic Education Supervisory Program of the Principal. The morning session ended with a Holy Mass at the chapel...

Manresans: Witnesses of St. Candida’s Love and Kindness for the Poor

By: Ms. Loi Mandario

Manresa School celebrated the 103rd Death Anniversary of St. Candida Maria de Jesus last August 7, 2015 with the theme “The Manresa Family: Witnesses of St. Candida’s Love and Kindness for the Poor”. A Triduum in lieu of the morning praise was observed where prayer intentions were focused on Filiation-Fraternity, Solidarity with the Poor and Missionary Spirit. The Feast Day celebration headed by the Pastoral Team started with a Procession within Manresa Village. The procession was participated by the Grade 2 to Grade 11 students with the Sisters, teachers and staff. The preschool pupils welcomed those who joined the procession at the Main Gate with their flaglets. After the procession, the community gathered at the gym for the Eucharistic celebration presided by Fr. Mario Pacheco, MCCJ...

Manresa School Disaster Preparedness Program

By: Ms. Loi Mandario

A disaster can overwhelm our resources”, quoted Mr. William Abadilla to start the Disaster Preparedness Orientation to the teachers and staff last July 28, 2015 at the Main AVR. The orientation was facilitated by the General Services Office which aimed to review the existing Earthquake and Fire Drill Program of the school, to emphasize preparedness and risk reduction, and to create committees to support the program. The following were taken up during the orientation: Preparedness (including prevention and planning), actual response to the event, mitigation and recovery (short and long term)...

MS Retreat 2015: The Presence of Christ in Us

By: Ms. Aida A. Gomez

The annual retreat of the Manresa School faculty and staff which was given according to the different levels and needs of the different groups inspired and strengthened us, as we begin the school year 2015-2016. We all felt loved and renewed in our close relationship with the Lord in our summer retreat at Manresa Retreat House, Banawe, Quezon City last May 18 to June 5, 2015...


by Ms. Loi Mandario

Manresa School educative family continuously responds to the call of the Church to be instruments of God’s mercy and compassion especially to the poor members of our society. Heeding Pope Francis’ call of going out to the peripheries, the Blessed Candida Maria de Jesus Foundation (BCMF) and Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA) conducted two separate outreach activities in Naic during the month of May...

MS DIFFERENTIATED FIELD TRIPS: Meaningful Experiences and Wonderful Moments to Remember

By: Ms. Aida A. Gomez

Sharing good memories create positive affirmation. It is interesting to note that Manresa School faculty, staff, maintenance, members of administration and F.I. Sisters gladly enjoyed their year-end educational trip this summer 2015. And our hearts are full of thanksgiving to the F.I. Sisters of Manresa School who have provided us the differentiated field trips... [Read more]

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