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MS Retreat 2015: The Presence of Christ in Us

By: Ms. Aida A. Gomez

The annual retreat of the Manresa School faculty and staff which was given according to the different levels and needs of the different groups inspired and strengthened us, as we begin the school year 2015-2016. We all felt loved and renewed in our close relationship with the Lord in our summer retreat at Manresa Retreat House, Banawe, Quezon City last May 18 to June 5, 2015...


by Ms. Loi Mandario

Manresa School educative family continuously responds to the call of the Church to be instruments of God’s mercy and compassion especially to the poor members of our society. Heeding Pope Francis’ call of going out to the peripheries, the Blessed Candida Maria de Jesus Foundation (BCMF) and Manresa School Parents Auxiliary (MSPA) conducted two separate outreach activities in Naic during the month of May...

MS DIFFERENTIATED FIELD TRIPS: Meaningful Experiences and Wonderful Moments to Remember

By: Ms. Aida A. Gomez

Sharing good memories create positive affirmation. It is interesting to note that Manresa School faculty, staff, maintenance, members of administration and F.I. Sisters gladly enjoyed their year-end educational trip this summer 2015. And our hearts are full of thanksgiving to the F.I. Sisters of Manresa School who have provided us the differentiated field trips... [Read more]


By Ms. Loi Mandario

Naic Delegates Transmit National Youth Assembly to Fellow Youth
The five delegates of Naic to the National Youth Assembly held in Manresa School last Feb.12-15, 2015 transmitted the NYA activities and experiences to their fellow youth in Ciudad Nuevo, Naic, Cavite last April 4, 2015. The transmission was held at the Hijas de Jesus Apostolate Center in Phase 2 and was attended by 21 youth who were members of Ciudad Nuevo Catholic Youth Organization. The activity started at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon and ended at 11:00 o’clock in the evening...

New Lot and Location for Ciudad Nuevo Chapel
The Hijas de Jesus outreach program in Ciudad Nuevo, Naic, Cavite started in the year 2009 and is already in its sixth year of apostolate in the said place. For the last six years, the people of Ciudad Nuevo were like wanderers according to Fr. Vir Mendoza, parish priest of Naic, because they go from one place to another for the celebrations of the Holy Mass and Sunday Services...

Culminating Ceremony of Outreach Activities
Last April 5, 2015, the Naic Outreach volunteers together with Sr. Pacita Legaspi and Sr. Fely de Jesus conducted the Year-end Recognition and Awarding Ceremony to the regular attendees of the Kids and Youth Formation Program every Sunday during the school year. Six kids received the Most Active Kids awards...

PS Fieltdtrip 2015: An Interactive Learning

By: Marilou Perez - Paquibot

Every year, Manresa School Preschool Department provides different avenues for each preschool learner to broaden their horizons in learning, and one of its ways is through an education fieldtrip. The school believes that a good fieldtrip is an integral part of an instructional program and is prominent in the formative years of the young learners... [read more]

Manresans Took Part in Welcoming Pope Francis

The Diocese of Paranaque was in-charge in welcoming the Pope during his arrival at the Villamor Airport last January 15, 2015. Among the hundreds of students who danced for the Pope were sixty five fourth year students of Manresa school. They were accompanied by ten adult companions.

Career Forum:"Helping Your Child Make Good Career Decision"

To All Grade 10 Parents,

Here is the data presented during the talk "Helping Your Child Make Good Career Decision" last Saturday, January 10, 2015. Goodluck in helping your child discover the career path where he/she can be best at. Remember this is our heavenly Father's dream for all His children. Be their light and source of inspiration.

Godbless you and your family!

Ms. April Danica A. Grueso
Gr.10 Guidance Counselor

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